Thursday, September 30, 2010

I miss you

Everyday I just miss your presence in my life. The happy and sad moments that we shared through the ups and downs of life that we went through. Others may not understand it, but deep in our hearts there is this kind of bond that could not be explained.

Maybe we're destined to meet each other and become one another's place of solace and comfort. I still remember the first time we met when we just bonded like we've known each other like forever. Its beyond any other friendship. We're just two souls of a same kind joined together. These are the happiest days in my life that I would cherish forever...
I still remembered that there are days in my life that was rough and difficult but everything does not matter when I received a call or sms from you. The joy or happiness could not be explained albeit the difficult circumstances that I'm in. You have comforted me and gave me encouragement that really boosted my spirit no matter how tough things were getting. And this really kept me going on fighting no matter how difficult it is.

Deep in my heart, I just kept working to finish all the works for the day in order to go back and see you. The moments like a simple dinner or chatting over a drink was the highlight for my day. Maybe we couldn't afford the luxuries in life, but we still have each other no matter what happens. My world is complete with you in the picture no matter where or when.

Now that we're far a part, I missed your presence even more. We both got our career to work on. I'm really sorry that at times I was really busy until I forgot to contact you. Yes I admit its an honest mistake on my part. Sometimes, I wish that we could just return to those days we had together. Above all, I just wanna say that I miss you so much!!

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